Sea and Shore expands warehouse capacity

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Sea and Shore expands warehouse capacity

Logwise is planning to open a new Warehouse in North of Holland and South of Holland. Due to the strong demand in Europe companies are choosing for a larger stock close to the european market. Logwise has a total of 60.000 m2 dedicated warehouses and an option with Smartlog to extend our capacity with another 100.000 in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

For any request please dont hesitate to contact Mr C. Moolenaar.

We work together with  own charters, Mearsk, Evergreen and all other carriers to facilitate your shipments from the far and middle east to store them in our distribution centers. FCL shipments from the far east are still high and therefor it could be a good idea to have your import cargo stock level higher than usual. We have seen disruptions globally that delay supply chains tremendeously.

Booking your container with us with garanteed space on the boat enables you to satisfy your customer deliveries performance.

Call us on +31-10-4090130 and ask for our booking department.



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