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Booking with one carrier will not give you the best value in terms of value and supply time. Knowing what carrier has the best terms and is quickest and insures your containter goes on board is key knowledge. This is exactly what we can provide our customers.


Having your personal accountmanager headed by an experienced team of forwarders gives you the insurance that every booking is monitored in terms of pricing and delivery. Any complication in the supplychain will be solved and no sea is to high or Suez Channel to narrow to find an alternative solution with our Sea and Shore Team.


As our client you can login in your portal to get all the information on the status of your bookings. Our track and trace system insures that all your suppliers in India, China or Vietnam are compliant with the deadlines. It offers you 24/7 access and total transparency. Sea and Shore Services will release an online booking platform in 2022 to get prices immediatly and confirm the booking on line. The world is changing and so are we.

Also in sustainability we offer our customers:

a. Trees for Transport

b. Hydrogen Trucking

c. SSTS Diesel + additive via Sea and Shore Trade Services (reduction of 15% in Diesel use)

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