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For every transporter, it is crucial that the imported goods reach their destination within a certain time. In order to estimate this properly, the route duration of certain means of transportation is specified in advance.

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Transit time TT, is the time it takes a shipment to get from point A to point B or in other words from delivery to check-in point. In addition, it includes transportation time as well as time spent loading and unloading. Below follow a few examples for each means of transportation.

Air Transport

A shipment's delivery time via air, including transcontinental flights, can range from a few hours to almost seven days. For instance, it takes roughly 5–6 days to ship products from China to a retailer in The Netherlands. Delivering items like groceries, flowers, and prescription medications is ideal with the use of air travel. Luxury vehicles, jewellery, and furnishings are also frequently transported using it. Using air freight ensures not only the quick delivery of goods but also their security.

Road Transport

Road transportation delivery times are often only a few to several days long. It can take up to forty hours to cross Europe using established routes for the transportation of commodities. Road transportation is frequently preferred because of its affordable costs. The largest road network and its directness are the key benefits. So, meals can be transported directly to the intended location. Road transportation frequently serves as an addition to other forms of transportation.

Sea Transport

Depending on the distance between ports, the transit time for sea cargo might range from 15 to 65 days. For instance, it takes a container ship roughly 40–45 days to go from Shanghai, China, to Rotterdam, the Netherlands (port to port). Importers frequently choose sea shipment because they want to save money rather than have their goods delivered as quickly as feasible. The carrying capacity of the sea is one of its key benefits. This is the transportation method with the highest carrying capacity. The availability of a wide range of specialised vessels and containers makes it possible to transport all different kinds of goods.

Sea and Shore provides international supply chain management solutions. From the Rotterdam office, we are available 24/7 to assist you with your logistics challenges. We are a certified and green lane guaranteed provider. Besides supply chain service, we also offer you our expertise on sustainable transport, goods and warehousing. Want to know more about what we can do for you?


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Sea and Shore consistently works to contribute, develop and pass on knowledge from the world of transport. In this way, we increase the chances of successful collaborations and improve present-day transport knowledge for all.

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