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Give us a call on +31 10 4090130 or send us a mail  info@sea-and-shore.com

A team of professionals is ready to take your call together with 136 services centers in 136 countries.

Most of our customers became friends and long term partners. We keep them informed as we know their requirements.

Our team will be integrated with your operational team organising a door to door service globally.

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AEO certified

Sea and Shore Services B.V. is AEO certified that means it can operate with a full license of the Dutch Custom Authorities. Customers will have less inspection of their goods as we have done already a background check on the goods and the customer according to strict compliance rules. These are audited by Dutch Customs every year and updated. If there is an inspection announcemnet we will be pre informed and we get a green lane preference and priority service.

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