Areas of Expertise

As an independent party, we are able to find the best possible logistic solution for every scenario. And in certain areas, we go beyond even that.

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Waste flows are subject to strict legislation. Our knowledge and experience turn this complex subject matter simply into an interesting challenge. In addition to transport, we offer services regarding environmental compliance – including, for instance, the mandatory notifications needed for transboundary movements of waste. In short: we can take care of your waste flows from beginning to end.

Minerals & chemicals

The transportation of chemicals must meet with very specific requirements. After all, your shipment must be absolutely safe at all times. Which takes specialist knowledge, total process control and readily available data. This is what we at Sea and Shore have. With us, you can find the solution to any freight issue. And with our very own warehouses available for storage.


Perishable goods need extra attention during transport. This, too, is a specialty of ours. We transport temperature-senstive products in highly reliable refrigerated or reefer containers. Your vulnerable products are in safe hands with us. In Europe as well as the rest of the world.


In this digital day and age, consumers do not want to be hampered by borders. This means that manufacturers and retailers need an increasingly global way of thinking. International trade is on the increase. Do you need proactive, fast and flexible support because of additional transport activities? We can provide it!

Excise goods

Goods for which excise duty must be paid whenever they are imported into the Netherlands – such as beer, wine, other products containing alcohol, tabacco products and mineral oils – are often both vulnerable and subject to strict regulations. At Sea and Shore, we have the experience needed to take care of such a shipment. Down to the finer detail. And including the possibility to hold goods in our company excise warehouses.

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